Benefits of Germain Lexus of Dublin

  • Lexus Master Certified Technicians
  • Genuine Lexus Replacement Parts & Accessories 
  • Proven Certified Service protocols 
  • State-of-the-art Facility with computerized equipment and digital tools 

Everyday Low Pricing!

Battery 101 

Every seasonal change causes us at Germain Lexus of Dublin to start thinking about the battery in your Lexus car or SUV. That's because the Battery in your vehicle is probably over a year old and has weathered a scorching Ohio summer, freezing winter, and drastic seasonal temperature fluctuations in the previous year alone. Since extreme temperatures combined with broad annual temperature change represent the greatest threat to any Battery, merely living in Ohio is a threat to your battery's performance and lifespan. If you are interested in reliable battery performance with maximum battery life, a Battery Replacement Service at Germain Lexus of Dublin is just what you need to realize those interests

Indicators of a Defective Battery 

If you've spent much time driving, you know exactly how important a new Battery can be, especially when you go out to start the car on a freezing Monday morning only to find that when turning the key, you only hear a clicking sound. That sound is the click of a dead battery and an immovable Lexus car or SUV. At Germain Lexus of Dublin, we think one of the saddest situations is a premium Lexus vehicle stranded by an inexpensive component like a dead battery. Prevent such an unfortunate outcome for your Lexus car or SUV by scheduling a Battery Replacement Service now. Here is a list of poor battery indicators signaling you to schedule a Battery Replacement Service: 

  • Hard starting or difficulty starting the engine
  • Engine will not start at all
  • Turning the ignition key, it only clicks, or nothing happens 

Why Battery Replacement at Germain Lexus of Dublin 

Battery Replacement Service is convenient and price-effective at Germain Lexus of Dublin. Not only that, but we also offer certified Lexus service by a Lexus Master Certified Technician. Every Battery Replacement Service will remove the defective battery and replace it with a genuine Lexus-approved Battery designed and rigorously tested for performance in your exact vehicle. At Germain Lexus of Dublin, we offer all of our customers tremendous benefits. See benefits at the top of this page!  


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