Most Common Warning Signs of Defective Rotors:

  • Vibrations while braking
  • Squeaking or squealing while braking
  • Brake pads have been worn to the metal 

Resurface rotors or replacement service starting at $200.00 plus tax and shop supplies.


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Lexus Braking & Brake Rotors 101

Brake Rotors accept the stopping force generated by the brake system. Facing intense friction and scorching heat, Brake Rotors require routine maintenance to ensure peak stopping power and maximum safety while driving. When you push on the brake pedal to slow down your Lexus car or SUV, the brake system generates friction between the brake pads and rotors defined by tremendous pressures up to 550 psi or 3,500 total pounds. Brake Rotors handle thousands of pounds of pressure every time you activate the brake system by pressing the pedal. Brake Rotors are durable but will get wear and tear over time to require Brake Rotor Resurfacing Replacement Service to restore brake system performance. Restore your Lexus Brake System by scheduling a Brake Rotor Resurfacing Replacement Service at Germain Lexus of Dublin. Germain Lexus of Dublin is conveniently located in the Columbus metropolitan area near Springfield, Hillard, Plain City, and Delaware, Ohio.

Warning Signs of Defective Brake Rotors 

Usually, defective brake rotors start accumulating minor signs of wear and tear that only worsen over time. As the wear and tear on brake rotors worsen, so will the performance of the brake system alongside the warning signs of the defect. Warning signs listed above!

Resurface or Replacement? 

Whether brake rotors require resurfacing or replacement is contingent upon their physical condition and performance evaluation. The first step in determining whether the service includes resurfacing or replacement is to perform an inspection. The best inspections are provided by a Lexus Master Certified Technician that knows your Lexus car or SUV and its brake rotors inside and out. Our Lexus Master Certified Technicians know that resurfacing is for correcting brake rotors' wear and tear that is minor in nature. Resurfacing, for example, can correct small scratches and shallow grooving in the brake rotor. However, if the grooves are too deep or the rotors are warped, resurfacing cannot fix these more significant defects. No matter the condition of your brake rotors, we are always ready to restore the brake system to peak performance and factory specifications with our Brake Rotor Resurfacing Replacement Service at Germain Lexus of Dublin.  

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