Is certified pre-owned car worth it?

At Germain Lexus of Dublin, we advise drivers looking for a new set of wheels on a budget to buy a pre-owned car. Drivers in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas can get superior-quality used vehicles at our dealership. Before you visit us to find yourself a used vehicle, read on to learn the benefits of buying an approved pre-owned vehicle.

Advantages of Buying a Certified Pre Owned Car

The most apparent perk of buying a certified pre owned car is saving money. Used vehicles cost less than new ones, implying that you will get your preferred model at a fraction of its market price. Certified used cars also depreciate at a lower rate, meaning you can get a reasonable resale price if you decide to resell it. Also, used vehicles do not have many hidden costs like their new counterparts.

Another advantage of buying used cars is they are highly reliable. Reputable dealerships thoroughly inspect and refurbish a vehicle to ensure it works as needed. Customers also get to enjoy an extended warranty for assurance purposes. Lastly, used vehicles are available in a wide range. The vast pool allows you to select a vehicle that fits your needs and preferences, even if it is no longer in production.

Service Center

Feel free to visit our service center at Germain Lexus of Dublin for vehicle repair, service and maintenance. You will be pleased to know that all our automotive technicians are certified experts. Although our technicians mainly handle Lexus of Dublin vehicles, they can work on all vehicle makes and models.

Services Provided

We offer a wide range of vehicle services at Germain Lexus of Dublin. Our technicians are experts in changing engine oil, checking engine light diagnostics and rotating tires. In addition, we offer wiper blade replacement, filter change, battery replacement, antifreeze refills and many other services. Customers can make service appointments or request emergency services.

Quality OEM Parts

We pride ourselves on using genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts when repairing and servicing vehicles at our dealership. OEM parts have more pros than aftermarket parts. First, OEM parts are high-quality products. Unlike aftermarket parts, OEM parts fit and function correctly because they are precisely designed for specific vehicles. Secondly, OEM parts have a longer lifespan than aftermarket parts. That is because they are designed with quality materials and undergo rigorous tests to ensure they meet market standards. Lastly, OEM parts offer better performance and efficiency than aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts fail quickly and are notorious for performing poorly and decreasing fuel efficiency.

Visit Our Dealership Today!

Germain Lexus of Dublin is a one-stop shop for all vehicle products and services in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. You are welcome to visit our dealership to finance a new or a certified used vehicle. Also, bring your vehicles to our Germain Lexus of Dublin dealership for any automotive service needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or make inquiries.