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Car Wash in Dublin, OH

Your car needs care at all times. You have to take care of it inside and out. That includes taking your car for a good wash. There are many ways to get your car clean such as washing it yourself or taking it to a car wash. But why not get it detailed while you are at? We at Germain Lexus of Dublin will be happy to clean and detail your car to the point of being new.

Complete Car Washing & Detailing

At Germain Lexus of Dublin, we take the time to clean every single car inside and out. We will treat this like you are taking your car in to be serviced. No detail will be overlooked. Your car will be looking brand-new by the time you come to pick it up. We do both washing and waxing along with a trough detail. We will wash bumpers, headlights, and tail lights. Even on the inside of the car, we will take good care of it. Vacuuming and dusting will be included.

Getting Your Car Washed and Detailed by the Experts

You have to make a first impression on everything you meet. That includes your clothes and your car. Aside from your car looking good, you will be keeping your paint job looking good. It's not just the outside of your car that you should think about. The inside is just as important. Having a clean car from the inside will not only reflect positively on you, but you will also be able to keep out dust and bugs from the inside. You could also be doing your physical health a favor.

Nobody wants to have a dirty car. Not only does it look bad, but you will also be doing damage to your paint job. Your car picks up many things outside: dirt, mud, pollen, dust, tree sap, bug guts, salt, and air-borne pollutants. Not cleaning the outside of your car will end up costing you more in the long run as it is not cheap to replace the paint. Neglecting the inside of the vehicle is not good either as spilled drinks will get sticky and bugs could come inside. Cleaning the mess yourself will be a pain to do.

Lexus Car Wash & Detailing Service

Getting My Car Washed and Detailed

Germain Lexus of Dublin in Columbus, OH, takes pride in their work. We will take the time to listen to your every need and care for them in our service center. Our technicians are all trained and certified. We also operate out of Springfield, Plain City, Hillard, and Delaware, OH. Check out our service specials to snag a good deal.


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