Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Dublin, OH 

Check Engine Light Diagnosis

We operate a Lexus certified service department offering a check engine light diagnosis by factory-trained technicians that know your car inside and out. We will not only get to the bottom of the problem with a transparent and accurate diagnosis, but we also offer the chance to speak with a knowledgeable service advisor about your maintenance alternatives. The quality and value of this service are unrivaled as we provide much more than parts stores pulling the trouble code from the computer, offering no insight or guidance about what to do next.

About the Check Engine Light

The check engine light is merely a dashboard warning light that comes on when the onboard diagnostic system detects a problem. There are nearly endless causes of a check engine light, ranging from minor to severe, that will cause the light to flash. If your check engine light is solid, you should get it diagnosed promptly with a check engine light diagnosis. If the light is flashing, we recommend stopping in a safe location quickly and calling us at Germain Lexus.

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Solid vs. Flashing Check Engine Light

The check engine light will either be solid or flashing. Solid check engine lights signal a problem that is not severe but will still need prompt maintenance. Flashing check engine lights signal a major risk, and continued driving is a danger. We never recommend driving anywhere beyond a safe location and shutting the engine off if the check engine light is flashing.

Benefits of a Certified Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Rest assured that our check engine light diagnosis at Germain Lexus of Dublin extends much more quality and value than what you will get from a local parts store offering free trouble checks. While they simply pull the trouble code and tell you what it says, this offers no depth and precision about the problem nor what to do next. Check engine light diagnosis at a Lexus certified service department will not only pull the trouble code but will provide an expert's assessment of the precise cause with a best-practice recommendation to fix the problem and turn the light off.

Express Check Engine Light Diagnosis

If your check engine light is on, we can quickly and conveniently diagnose the problem at our express service lane without an appointment. Simply bring your vehicle to Germain Lexus of Dublin during operational hours, and we will have a factory trained technician perform your check engine light diagnosis. If you need corrective maintenance, we can provide that if possible or schedule your vehicle for the next available appointment.


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