Why sell my car?

You’ve probably heard stories of people selling their car to get a new one or trading in an old one for a newer model. But why do so many people sell their cars? It’s not as hard to trade it in for another brand-new car as someone might believe. You might want to sell your car for many different reasons — but the first sign should be that you no longer need it.

Selling my car can be a stressful process. When you think you’ve got the right person interested, they call and say they’re no longer interested in buying your car. There are many things to think about- from researching the value of your car to haggling with buyers. Knowing who to trust and where to take your business is challenging. Finding the right vehicle, dealing with the salesperson, and financing can all be fraught with uncertainty.

We Buy Cars, Trucks & SUVs

They buy cars, trucks, and SUVs- no matter the make, model, or condition. When you sell your car to Germain Lexus of Dublin, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair price. They use Kelley Blue Book to appraise all our vehicles, so you can be confident you’re getting a competitive offer. They also offer free towing with every car sale, so you don’t have to worry about get-ting your car to them.

Why Sell to Us?

Selling my car to Germain Lexus of Dublin is the best thing I ever did. They are a full-service dealership serving the Dublin area for more than 30 years. They have an experienced sales staff and a wide selection of vehicles. If you need help choosing a suitable model, they can also arrange a test drive so you can get a feel for the car before you buy it. And when it comes to financing, they offer competitive rates and flexible payment options.

Process and Benefits of selling your used car(s) to us

The process is simple- take your car, title, and photo ID to their dealership. Their team will inspect then vehicle and give you a written offer good for seven days. If you accept, they’ll pay you on the spot- no waiting for a check to clear. You can use the money however you’d like- there’s no obligation to buy or trade-in. If you’re considering selling your car, visit them, and they’ll make the process quick and easy- so you can enjoy your newfound freedom.

Why You Should Sell Your Car to us

They are the one-stop shop for all things car-related in the region. The top-rated dealer in every-thing from performance vehicles to luxury cars offers a wide range of options that can suit just about anybody’s style and budget. Furthermore, its staff is highly knowledgeable and eager to help you with any questions regarding your vehicle.


If you’re interested in finding out more about the vehicles available in stock, or if you have any questions about financing or leasing options, you are encouraged to visit Germain Lexus of Dublin. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you.